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Transform A Community is about breaking the poverty cycle of families and communities in the Philippines. Poverty is a generational issue that is passed down and unless support is given 98.96% of these communities and families will NEVER get out of the cycle.

Transform A Community has spent the last 5 years developing relationships with community leaders and families alike to establish long lasting connections and ability to support those that genuinely require our assistance.

Transform A Community runs multiple initiatives from water well drilling, feeding programs, building projects and human trafficking rehabilitation. 

It is for these projects that we seek generous supporters to enable the freeing of families and communities from this vicious cycle of poverty.

Danny Steel, Founder

Danny is a full time humanitarian leading the fight on poverty in the Negros Oriental region of the Philippines. He has given up a successful construction business in Canterbury, New Zealand to pursue this cause. It is only with support from the public that Danny and his team are able to continue this vital aid to the region.
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KICK START A PIG FARM FOR A ONE-OFF $74: We're helping people get into business so they can get up and out of poverty. Not only does this reduce a family's dependence on our financial support but it provides a sense of purpose, self-esteem and opportunity to lift an entire family out of the cycle of poverty.

Transform A Community!

Feeding Programs

Transform A Community has feeding programs where we go into schools and provide meals to starving children.

Once a program is established it costs $1 per child, per day to ensure they get at least one meal on an ongoing basis.

This program is enabling children to grow, focus and learn - transforming their lives.

Well Drilling

Most communities that we work with do not have fresh drinking water.

The biggest killer of children under 5 is contaminated drinking water.

Transform A Community goes into communities and manually drills wells to provide fresh drinking water for the entire community.

We are currently fundraising for a Well Drilling Machine to triple the number of wells that we can drill.
One of our fundraisers featured on One News at 6pm in NZ!
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